6 Tips to empower your Digital Marketing Strategy

In the 1990s, having a website was like having a visiting card. Today, having a website is like having a virtual salesman who does not sleep, who can speak in any language in any country and 99.9% of the times, it is always up. Your website doesn’t really take a holiday; educates your customers – both existing and potential ones.

Digital Marketing Strategy is the only difference between a good website and a bad one.

A successful website is the one that has a successful content strategy that targets both the users and the search engine algorithms.

The important question is what kind of website do you settle for? If today you think your website is required just to appear professional – akin to having a visiting card, you have seriously under-estimated the power of a website. It’s like not knowing the difference between a Ford and a Porsche. They are both cars, but they can mean entirely different things to different people.

The difference between a good website and a bad one is essentially content strategy – or the lack of it.

Simply put, the “strategy” part in content strategy entails some sort of planning before executing something. So, copy writers understand that they need to plan their content before they start writing. And they cannot really do that. Businesses need to plan. But why would a CEO talk about his business plans with a copy writer? For better brand positioning.

4 Social Media Optimization tips for your Brand

Climbing the Everest is about strategy and timing…so is social media

That needs some explaining. A journalist during a press conference asked George Mallory¬-who was traveling to the United States of America after an unsuccessful campaign to scale the Everest’s summit- “Why climb Everest?” to which he quipped, three words that came to define him and later went on to become one of the most profound statements made in the 20th century, “because, it’s there!”

By this statement alone, don’t be tempted into believing that Mallory was a rash, obsessive young man. This young man had a strategy which is religiously followed by climbers to this day. His strategy was simple – attack the summit in a series of camps.

But it was timing that got the best of him. He attempted the summit in the early week of June, just in time the monsoon is sneaking up. It is speculated that he had his deadly fall while returning from the summit. So, it could be safely assumed he was the first man on the Everest.

How to get on top of Google Search Engine


Before I get into the thick of action, let me introduce myself. I’m no SEO expert, nor do I claim to be one. I’m just a writer who, like all writers worth their salt, lives and dies by the research. So one fine evening I sat down at my machine and started researching on best practices to rank well on Google. And not only rank well I did, I was there amongst the top five, above the fold! Imagine the ego boost I got.Here’s what I learnt: sincere content and ethical SEO practices will always get rewarded. And being a writer who knows some SEO chops is better than being an SEO expert who doesn’t know basic rules of grammar and effective writing. Enough said. Now I will walk you through the step-by-step process that ensures you’re not just on the Google’s first page, but get clicked too.

And remember, it’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.


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